Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lakeside Gems

Millionaires' Row boathouse - photo copyright Gabriele Wills

Muskoka boathouses are so much more than shelters for watercraft. They are architectural gems, often reflecting the style of the cottage, some whimsical and ornate, never two the same, all with stories to tell. The spacious second floor – sometimes 60 or more feet long - was used as a ballroom or servants’ quarters, guest suites or the children’s domain.

Photo copyright Gabriele Wills
Some were purposely built as boathouse cottages, as was this lovely century one. For those who crave being near water, there is surely nothing more delightful than feeling like you’re adrift on the lake, serenaded by the lapping waves, and surrounded by the magical light reflected off the water.

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